Enjoy a Fresh Style in Your Closet this Season

As we get our kids set for school and psych ourselves up for another fall season, there’s no better time than now for a closet make-over. So, before you head out on a shopping trip for new clothes check out what you ‘need’.

If you’ve already shopped (because really, who hasn’t :)) Then still consider following our  handy checklist to help whip that closet into shape to make getting dressed easier each day :

  • Examine every single thing in your closet – remove items and lay them out on your bed if it makes it easier to sort
  • Only put back items you are sure you want to keep, if you are unsure, hang it backwards and if you don’t wear it by next year, discard
  • As you return items to the closet, divide them into “current” and “out of season” giving the current items up front space with out of season items in the back
  • Group your items by type, i.e. pants, skirts, dresses, long-sleeve tops, short-sleeve tops
  • Optimize space with belt hangers, scarf organizers and door hooks
  • Door hanging shoe bags can hold socks, tights, hair accessories, and any assortment of dolls or ninja warriors 🙂
  • For items that you no longer want – place into 3 labeled bags: donate, garbage, and consignment
  • If you still have too many items for the space, consider storing out of season items elsewhere
    • perhaps an available closet in another room or
    • or pack some items up in storage boxes or under the bed bags that you remove the air from
    • or think about installing a customizable closet system for your next make-over

Here’s a young lady’s narrow closet that we maximized the space in – I wish I was a better photographer but I think you’ll get the idea.

Before pic includes: ceramics on the top shelf, art kits on the bottom shelf and those custom metal cubes that seemed like a good idea at one time. So, we gave her two drawers for her undergarments, two basket drawers plus gave her some floor space back….who can say they have floor space in their closet? Added in all new hangers, a couple of baskets, lighting and only put back the clothes she will wear!

Using Rubbermaid Configurations

Using Rubbermaid Configurations with drawers and baskets for easy access, added interior light, jewellery hanger and scarf/belt hanger and labelled baskets on upper shelf

No drawers so metal cubes were used = messy and a pain to find under clothes, no light to illuminate

No drawers so metal cubes were used = messy and a pain to find under clothes, no light to illuminate



Closet 101: Tips for Making Over Your Closet

It was so much fun writing this article originally for Rubbermaid Configurations Canada and now it’s your check list to get your daily dressing groove back on!closet101

Is your closet cluttered? Do you have multiple items of clothing on hangers? Can you find the shoes you want right away? Do you know where all of your ties are?

If you’re like most people, there are times when your closet is organized, but more often, clothing and accessories pile up until they are a jumble and finding what you want can require what feels like an archaeological dig. There may be clothes in there that you’ve completely forgotten you even have!

A closet makeover can be an exhilarating activity, but where do you start? How do you do it, and how do you maintain order once it’s done?

Here’s a four-step closet makeover process to get your closets organized and efficient:

1. Assess

2. De-clutter

3. Refine and Optimize

4. Evaluate your results

Step One: Assess Needs

Answer these questions

a) Who will be using the closet? Adults, growing children, an elder?

b) What do you need the space to hold? Coats, sports attire, seasonal clothes?

c) What is your organizing style? Do you prefer items to have a specific place in the closet? Do you like similar styles to be grouped together? Or are you more comfortable with casually draping your clothes over the door until you feel like putting them away?

Step Two: De-clutter

You’ll need large plastic bag and tape and marker

Lighten the Load

1. Review each item from the closet.

2. Return items that you want to keep to the closet, and make a pile of things you want to discard.

3. If you are unsure about whether to keep an item, hang it backwards.If you haven’t worn it in a year, you’ll know. You can then decide what you’ll do with it.

4. Next, divide the discard pile into three clearly labelled bags: donate, garbage and consignment. Divide the items remaining in the closet into “Current” and “Out of Season.” Store out-of-season items separately. They don’t get prime closet real estate until their season arrives.

Start Small to Achieve Success

If this is your first time, choose one small closet 

Set a timer for 30, 60 or 90 minutes, based on your work style

Stay focused on one closet until it’s finished

Step Three: Refine and Optimize

Now that you know what you have:

1. Group items in a way that makes sense to you, by color, style, etc.

2. Optimize the space by using practical organizing tools like a belt hanger, space-saving hangers, jewellery and scarf organizers and door hooks.

3. Consider installing lights to brighten up the interior of the closet.

Step Four: Evaluate Your Results

1. Do you have a place for all of your belongings? If not, you either need to cull more, or consider other options for storage.

2. If you have space particularly overhead or on the floor that is inefficiently used, consider installing a customizable closet system like Configurations™. You will need to measure your space – width, height and depth and then simply install.

via Rubbermaid Canada | Configurations.

Quick Tip for Organizing A Closet

A common challenge is the ‘where do I put it’ syndrome. For people who don’t naturally think about how to sort, organize and containerize it can be a little awkward in the beginning but let me tell you that the results are so exhilarating.

The closet is a great example – I was filming a small episode for a TV show and I mentioned that winter sweaters can be moved out of the closet or stored higher up in the summer so that our client could have easily accessible space for her summer attire. When we finished filming the producer was blown away by this concept – and I was giddy that she found the idea so valuable – rotate your seasonal clothing!
It’ like the Aha moment when someone discovers an easy place to put the mail, the house keys or the 24 rolls of toilet paper.
Our clients don’t always know where to put stuff but they know how it ‘needs’ to work and then we help them create that system.

Tips for Organizing Your Closet

Is your closet cluttered? Do you have multiple items of clothing on hangers? Can you find the shoes you want right away? Do you know where all of your ties are?

Try out four-step closet makeover process to get your closets organized and efficient:
1. Assess
2. De-clutter
3. Refine and Optimize
4. Evaluate your results

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Small Space Offices and Other Small Space Organizing Ideas

What really matters in your office is that you’ve got what you need within arms reach.
If you are wondering where to set up your office in a small space remember to inventory what you need it to hold and what types of supplies you’ll need handy.

Take a look at this article about small space desks for a few more ‘things to think about’.

For more inspiration for your small space office take a look here and feel free to give us a call if you need some help getting it all done.

If you click on the following link for ideas on organizing small spaces in general please be sure you have some time on your hands and a strategy in place for capturing the ideas you love…. ok, ready?? Click here for awesome small space organizing ideas ….. have fun!

Loving Where You Live

In a recent study by Environics Canada, 58% of Canadians surveyed felt that their clothes closets and wardrobes were less than very organized. Getting dressed every day is a necessity – it’s not supposed to be a daily challenge.

Your closet, no matter how big or small, has prime real estate patches and the most frequently used items should be most easily accessed.

What holds most people back from tackling the closet?

1. It’s feels like a terribly daunting task to do alone
2. You’re not sure where to start
3. It requires a plan and you’re not sure that the plan should be
4. What you do always takes forever and you never feel finished

If you are ready to tackle it alone, click here to see where you can donate your clothing… If you’d like help tacking the task call us at 416.347.9002 or email us at info@kaosgroup.com