In fight or flight? Care for yourself and plan to get back on track

It’s a simple fact that when in trauma, such as dealing with death or dying, caring for aging parents and new babies, job change, job loss, a promotion, moving or divorce (just to name a few) our brains default to the most simple function of fight or flight. What’s odd about this is we often don’t event notice it’s happening when we’re in the thick of it. The worst part is that we only realize the effect on our personal and professional lives when the trauma is minimized.

Bills might be overdue, we’re behind at work or the house is in disarray. Laundry piles up the garage or the basement becomes a collection area for things that need to be dealt with and we slowly realize that we’ve been hanging on like a kitty cat to the curtains.

The upside is that you are now cognizant of where you’re at and what needs to be done…. and the beautiful thing is that there are people and templates to help you get it all done.

This was a helpful list of 5 quick things to help you cope during a crisis – my guess is that you’ll read it and share it with a friend… most people in crisis read this and freeze trying to figure out how to implement the strategies.

About 8 years ago, while in my own crisis, I started to capture my favorite quotes and keep them near. I even posted my absolute favorite on my kitchen cabinets on a bright pink sticky note! :). Today those favorite quotes have grown and grown to a 18 page Word document (and it’s sorted by theme so I can find the quotes I’m looking for faster).

Here’s a link to a few of my favorite, inspiring words – I hope you find them as supportive and heart warming as I did and still do.

Feel free to contact us if you’d like our help to get back on track!


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